Rebuilding New Brunswick

We need your help rebuilding New Brunswick – not only rebuilding good quality public services that were undermined by the previous spendthrift Liberal government, but also rebuilding our pride as a strong, contributing member to Canada. To continue to promote Progressive Conservative values and elect Progressive Conservative members to the legislative assembly, we need your financial support.

With the knowledge that you are helping to rebuild our province, you will also receive a generous tax deduction. The table below provides tax receipt amounts for common donations.

Donation Tax credit Actual cost
$1,000 $475 $525
$750 $392 $358
$500 $300 $200
$250 $175 $75
$100 $75 $25
$50 $37.50 $12.50

Sustainable giving

If you would like to establish a planned giving program, contact us at 506.444.5701. Donating just a few dollars a month on a regular basis is a convenient and easy way to give.

Donate today!

Three ways to give:

1. Call: 506.444.5701. Major credit cards accepted.

2. Mail: Send a cheque by mail to the address below.

Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick
336 Regent Street
Fredericton, NB E3B 3X4

3. Click: Donate online at the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick website using PayPal. Major credit cards accepted.


From $1 to $100, every dollar counts. Your financial support will help us rebuild New Brunswick. Political contributions are eligible for generous tax deductions.


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