Saint John Lancaster


The riding of Saint John Lancaster, or Electoral District 33, includes most of the West Side of Saint John, except the Lower West, which forms part of Saint John Harbour. Saint John Lancaster stretches from City Line in the east to Acamac in the west. It is home to Moosehead Breweries, Ridgewood Veterans Healthcare facility, Irving Nature Park, Partridge Island, and a wide-range of business and shopping outlets. The residences of the West Side are known for their strong sense of community. The riding has all the conveniences and services constituents need to enjoy an active, family-oriented, suburban lifestyle.

The riding of Saint John Lancaster has approximately 11,000 voters.

If you are uncertain whether you live in Saint John Lancaster, please check the riding map. Or go to the Election NB website and enter your address.


The Saint John Lancaster Progressive Conservative Association is responsible for organizing party activities within the riding. Governed by a constitution and the New Brunswick Elections Act, the association endorses and promotes in the riding the principles, objectives, and platforms of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick. The riding association is also responsible for nominating a Progressive Conservative candidate for each election and taking all proper steps to ensure his or her election.

Membership in the associations is open to all members of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick.

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